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a browser security plugin

Do you feel like you are being watched?

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Your privacy is being compromised.

Your activity on the internet is being recorded and used. You are vulnerable!

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You now have a solution.

[privacy]defense enables you to contol unauthorized invasions.

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What is PrivacyDefense?

PrivacyDefense is an browser security extension/add-on designed specifically to block attempts at violating your privacy and stealing your personal information. It works in conjunction with the world's leading internet browsers.

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What does PrivacyDefense do?

PrivacyDefense passively observes the sites you surf and watches for malicious attempts to violate your privacy. When it encounters one of these privacy probes, it prohibits it from executing its task, keeping you secure.

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How does PrivacyDefense work?

PrivacyDefense maintains an exhaustive and constantly expanding database of privacy threats. PrivacyDefense also has a whitelist option that will allow you to customize what gets blocked and what doesn't. Learn more...

Privacy Anywhere.

PrivacyDefense is the privacy solution that works across all your browser based computing platforms, including your desktop PC, your laptop, your tablet and your smartphone. Download a compatible browser for free, and take the first step to safer surfing.

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