What Does Our Plugin Do?

Stop Spam & Privacy Intrustion
Have you ever noticed that when you perform an internet search using Google or Yahoo on, say, 'eyeglasses' that you suddenly start seeing advertisements for LensCrafters and Armani, and your inbox fills up with spam email on the same topic? PrivacyDefense makes that stop.

The Wall Street Journal reports that 'big brother' is looking over your shoulder while you're surfing the internet. PrivacyDefense puts an end to that!

They're Tracking You
Did you know that you are not only being tracked but that you are also being profiled? PrivacyDefense stops them dead in their tracks.

Mail Online says 'Google will know more about you than your partner: Uproar as search giant reveals privacy policy that will allow them to track you on all their products.' PrivacyDefense stops them in their tracks.

Marketing Probes are real. Websites utilize sophisticated JavaScripts to glean information from your personal computer while you navigate their site. They then build a profile on you and sell that information to spammers and online advertising agencies. PrivacyDefense is the only product that blocks Marketing Probes.

A Small Price to Pay
You can put an end to all this in just a few minutes. By clicking Buy Now you'll gain access to a full-year of protection with our PrivacyDefense security extension. The process is quite simple and may just be one of your better investments this year.