PrivacyDefense is a browser security add-on designed to protect your privacy while you surf the web.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, we are releasing a new version of PrivacyDefense that will support Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
When Edge/IE release their support for Extensions/Add-ons, we'll port to that one too.

A marketing probe is a script (usually a javascript) that vendors place on their website to track what you are viewing. They also attempt to glean information about who you are (email address, IP address, location, company name, etc...). With this information, they then go to the social networking sites and fill in the blanks via your Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Armed with that, they can then call or email you saying "hey, I saw you were looking at xyz on our website yesterday, can I help you with something?". That's what PrivacyDefense is all about, blocking their trackers. See our BLOG entry that includes a recorded message of one of those sales conversations.

Please watch this short 23 second video which demostrates how to force an update on the signature database...

Please watch this short video presentation to see [privacy]defense in action...