We are so excited about our Version 2.0.15 upgrade!!

So excited that is, that we're giving away three things for FREE:

1. [privacy]defense V15 is now available as a FREE upgrade on FireFox, and now also available for the Google Chrome browser.

Unfortunately, some users do not have Auto-Update turned on, so they're still using v11, whaa, whaa, whaa...

So, if you're using FireFox, turn on Auto-Updates and partake in V15 automatically.

Or, if you'd like to UPDATE immediately and/or manually, here are the links to the updates;


Google Chrome

2. Also FREE, because we're so excited, all existing licenses have been extended until 2020, yes for free!!

In V15 the "Trial Period" was  replaced with a LITE/PREMIUM model, and... are you ready for this...

ALL legacy users are being offered a FREE upgrade to PREMIUM.

And, if you upgrade, that upgrade will also be extended for free until 2020.

3. Just send our team an email and we'll setup a PREMIUM account for you.

What more could you ask for? (if you come up with something, please email our team)

Otherwise, enjoy the FREE upgrade and the FREE license extension and the FREE upgrade to PREMIUM!

Bless you;

The PrivacyDefense support team